About Us

Efficient Electrical

Efficient Electrical was established in 2015 but the experience and expertise date back further than many other electrical businesses. C F Electrical is a subsidiary of the Efficient Electrical brand that has been in the industry since 1963. Mr Fryer set up the business in the height of the housing boom and build the foundations of a long lasting business that still delivers services to the current wiring regulations and industry standards. CF Electrical was involved in some of the countries best known hospitality and leisure brands, major UK landlords, pubs and some of the highest quality housing firms in the UK.

Efficient Electrical cater for growing demand in the sustainable energy industry by delivering services in the most productive way. Although our emphasis is on the future of our sustainable living and working environment we still involve in the upgrade of historic building services to anticipate and incorporate any future demands into our plans.

Efficient electrical working in a factory setting
Efficient electrical working with trilanco

Although CF Electrical have set a high bar to achieve Efficient Electrical has already began to make a name in the Electrical Industry. Initially working in the domestic sector and the renovation of business units around the North of England we have worked for landlords and home owners giving them fantastic service at a great price. We have also gained experience and built relationships with businesses in the commercial and industrial sector working with large building firms, multi national food and beverages brands, schools, universities, engineering businesses, international defence companies and many many more.